Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sew what!!

A few weeks ago, a new Lincraft opened nearby, so they were having a rather large opening sale. How could I not take them up on their offer of getting my very own (and first ever) sewing machine for more than half price.

I'm very happy with it - as beginner sewer, I don't require anything too fancy - yet!

It did take me a while to actually use it though. I was bit scared, because I'd always done my sewing on mum's faithful Janome and with her at yelling distance. I don't know why I bothered being intimidated - it's very easy and enjoyable to sew with.

My first project was for mum. She is doing the Great Victorian Bike Ride later this year, and wanted a draw-string tote to keep her plastic crockery and cutlery in (they'll be camping, you see). I decided to use bits and pieces to make the bag, and subsequently had to piece them together. Nic helped with the design, and we came up with this:

Other than the bargain, I also wanted my own sewing machine because I plan on attempting some patchwork quilting. I am going to make a quilt this year (or at least start one). In order to practice the various skills required, I will make some patchwork bags and the like.

However, I decided to try a cushion first. Now, quilting snobs would be disappointed to know that I went off to Spotlight to purchase my fabrics and materials for the pillow. I figured their lack of range compared to specialist quilt shops would work in my favour and make choosing the colours a lot easier. (I'm new to this, remember). I had a pattern for a rail fence patchwork cushion, so required 3 shades of one colour and 3 shades of another. Anyway, why don't I just show you:

It matches our predominantly blue lounge room, and well, I'm just so gosh-darn proud of myself - that I think I'm ready to start looking into the serious stuff. I don't actually have any quilts, I think I might just make my own.