Sunday, June 28, 2009

My eyes aren't actually blue

First blog ever - ever.
I don't mean in history, obviously. Just for me.
I would love to know what the first blog ever actually was though.
Anyway, I'm just as self-indulgent as the next person, so why shouldn't I have a blog.

I thought this blogging thing might actually help me generate material for my stand-up comedy act. I have an act. It changes a lot. At the moment I don't perform it terribly much. I think I'll work on that too.

Anyway, my blog is called Eyes of Blue because I'm short. Let's just say, I'm not quite 5'3". You can figure out the rest. I realise that it would probably be more appropriate if I did have blue eyes, but we will all just have to settle for the fact that on some days, they are blue. So there!

While writing this post, I'm told that realise is spelled with a z. I don't think so. There will be no American spelling here - only Stralian.

Don't expect big things from this - and then one day, I'll surprise you.

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