Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Xmas presents - mine! mine! All mine!

I have made some recent acquisitions - which I like to think of as Xmas presents to myself. Ok the major one is technically not all mine, but I am currently enjoying it more than Nic. I think he has been in the new car twice since we got it just over a week ago. It's a lovely 2000 Nissan Pulsar - she goes good!

What's this!? More presents for me.
This is something I've had my eye on since going to the Bendigo Wool Show back in July (or was it June). I am yet to give them a burl (or should I say purl), but I can't wait. And they're pretty. And this one is definitely all mine.

I'm not completely selfish and have been buying presents for other people. Although the lovely cross-stitch I have purchased for my new god-son is for me too - because I get to complete it for little Joshua so Emily can put it up in his room. The character is from British picture books called Humphrey's Corner. Very cute.

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  1. Knit picks!! Want!! I think I need some for my birthday.