Thursday, July 2, 2009

Is someone out to get me??? Nah

Stuff happens. And sometimes that stuff makes you think irrational things about the universe. The stuff that happened to me this morning is definitely quite trivial and certainly not enough to get me down - just enough to annoy me at the time.

I went to the gym, all geared up to jump on the treadmill. Well not 'jump', because that's not how you use it - although I would love to see someone try. Anyway...they are all occupied. How rude!!! That has never happened to me before in the history of attending the gym. I deliberately go during off-peak times for this very reason. I was forced to change my routine and use the cross-trainer first. Hymph!!!

I get the cardio out of the way and head downstairs to do the abs on the leg raise thingy (cos that's what you do). Some using the leg raise thingy (I don't know what it's bloody called). So I have to mull around doing something else that isn't in my routine for today while she finishes. Hymph!!!

I get my turn on the leg-raise thingy and then get to do my stretches without any hassles. But then, on the walk home, these ridiculous people can't navigate themselves in and out of a carpark at the top of a one-way street/alleyway that I would like to walk down. So I have to stand there and wait because I didn't fancy getting car-butted by bad drivers who would probably feel a bump if they did hit me and then say "Gee, what was that? I should drive home and check my car". I think I was standing there tapping my foot and everything.

And as I walked down the alley, I thought that if I wasn't a rational and intelligent person, I could possibly think that there was someone out there in the universe trying to get me. Instead I thought, "Stuff happens".

And then I thought - "I'm gonna put that in me blog." So I did.

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