Monday, July 20, 2009

What will be tomorrow's ouchie??

Yesterday - walking on treadmill, foot starts to hurt on the inner part of my achilles. Didn't do anything to it - just starting hurting. Finding it hard to walk.

Today - whacked my elbow right in between the boney bits on a door-knob. Whacked it so hard I thought I broke the door and found myself having a bit of a teary. No bruise yet.

I wonder what's in store for me tomorrow.
I hope that it's not too painful, but leaves me with something to show for it. Like a black-eye. The one time I had one of those, I don't recall it hurting all that much. At least people can see that you've done something. Limping around, "What happened to you?" "Oh, it just started hurting." Pathetic.

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